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Kubernetes Community Meeting Notes - 20160121

January 21 - Configuration, Federation and Testing, oh my. 

Note taker: Rob Hirshfeld

  • Use Case (10 min): SFDC Paul Brown

  • SIG Report - SIG-config and the story of #18215.

    • Application config IN K8s not deployment of K8s
    • Topic has been reuse of configuration,specifically parameterization(aka templates). Needs:
      • include scoping(cluster namespace)
      • slight customization (naming changes, but not major config)
      • multiple positions on how todo this including allowing external or simple extensions
    • PetSet creates instances w/stable namespace
  • Workflow proposal

    • Distributed Chron. Challenge is that configs need to create multiple objects in sequence
    • Trying to figure out how balance the many config options out there (compose, terraform,ansible/etc)
    • Goal is to “meet people where they are” to keep it simple
    • Q: is there an opinion for the keystore sizing
      • large size / data blob would not be appropriate
      • you can pull data(config) from another store for larger objects
  • SIG Report - SIG-federation - progress on Ubernetes-Lite & Ubernetes design

  • Goal is to be able to have a cluster manager, so you can federate clusters. They will automatically distribute the pods.

  • Plan is to use the same API for the master cluster

  • Quinton's Kubernetes Talk

  • Design for Kubernetes:

  • Conformance testing Q+A Isaac Hollander McCreery

    • status on conformance testing for release process
    • expect to be forward compatible but not backwards
    • is there interest for a sig-testing meeting
    • testing needs to a higher priority for the project
    • lots of focus on trying to make this a higher priority To get involved in the Kubernetes community consider joining our Slack channel, taking a look at the Kubernetes project on GitHub, or join the Kubernetes-dev Google group. If you’re really excited, you can do all of the above and join us for the next community conversation -- January 27th, 2016. Please add yourself or a topic you want to know about to the agenda and get a calendar invitation by joining this group.

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